Wordpress Template Designer CheatSheet

WordPress Theme Cheat Sheet include:
  • Template Files
  • Include Template Functions
  • The Loop
  • Template Hierarchy
  • Template Examples
  • Template Functions
  • Links

Download: Wordpress - Template Designer CheatSheet [PDF]

Template Files
Template Hierarchy


USMCsky said…
Awesome job on the PDF. I wish I could have found this a couple of years ago. I would like to repost the PDF to share with others.
Suprih Rustanto said…
Very cool, I am just starting to learn about blogging, so I am reading every article I can find. I will definitely use this template on my website that I am building, thank you very much for sharing this template.
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pvahora said…
I like the article on the topic due to this reason it is seen that other readers are showing their interest by commenting on it
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Unknown said…
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pvahora said…
I just love the information shared in the article and love to share with my other friends.for more knowledge.
Prestashop Programmer
Unknown said…
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